Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas for 2020

Bring out the sweaters, layers, and your coziest knits! That’s right—it’s fall, the best season for fashion. Before you have to cover up with a big, bulky coat, here are my favorite fall fashion outfit suggestions for 2020.

Edgy Blazer

A blazer with jeans is one of my all-time favorite looks. It is so classic, yet with some subtle changes, you can transform this look into a contemporary favorite. I paired this embroidered blazer from Zadig and Voltaire with a white shirt, distressed black denim, creepers, and this adorable fringe bag from Milaner. You can style this look however you see fit, but don’t be afraid to wear a blazer that makes a statement—it’s the addition that makes the look.

Sweater & Vegan Leather

Real, fake, faux, or vegan—it doesn’t matter what kind of leather you’re wearing as long as you make it a staple this fall. Vegan leather has come a long way, and it’s now an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional leather. I’m in love with non-traditional colors and styles to pair with a cute, patterned sweater. Leather makes such a statement on its own that having a bold sweater and a killer boot will only elevate the look.


Pumpkin Patch Chic

Nothing says fall like the warm colors of brown, burnt orange, and cream. Combine these colors in a fun plaid print, and you’ll have a quintessential look for the season. I wouldn’t necessarily wear this look to a pumpkin patch, but you see my inspiration. I dressed up this outfit by styling the dress with some tall leather boots and a stylish hat with gold trim. Add a bold matte burgundy lip, and you’ll be ready to go!

Monochromatic Sparkle

Monochromatic looks are so chic when executed well. To pull off this look, wear different shades of the same color from head to toe. I went one step further and found this amazing green sweater with sparkle detail to match my olive green jeans. To perfect the look, I wore my shimmer sneakers to tie in the sparkle. Try this outfit in any shade and have some fun with it.

What are you wearing this fall? Let me know which look is your favorite in the comments below.

Stay fabulous,

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