The 5 Hottest Jewelry Trends You Need to Wear in 2017

As we begin 2017, it’s the perfect time to give your jewelry boxes a fresh look. Even though they were widely popular, you should be willing to say goodbye to 2016 jewelry styles like stackable rings and ear jackets to look for something new.

To kick start this year, keep in mind the following beautiful jewelry trends to keep your look up to date this season. Bold pops of color, modern forms, and iconic style will be trending all year long.

Art Deco Inspired Earrings & Rings 

Art Deco style ring

Jewelry pieces that reflect the Art Deco style will gain popularity. It combines modernist styles with fine craftsmanship and luxurious materials like bold, colorful gemstones with unusual shapes. Shop these Art Deco style jewelry pieces.




Rose Gold Jewelry



Pink is back in fashion and why not jewelry. Rose gold is one of my favorite metals, and it will be hugely popular in 2017.  Rose gold stands for deep love and luxury. It is a timeless metal since it’s not so gaudy as shiny yellow gold and it can be worn with many different colors. Rose gold is a must have. Apart from this, we will see precious metals in many different colors, so watch out for that.

Charm Necklace


Charm necklaces are one of the oldest styles of neckpieces. It all started with charm bracelets and slowly transitioning into neck pieces. Traditionally a woman brings a simple chain, then adds unique charms that have a personal meaning in her own life. There is a long history on how they were introduced by ancient Egyptians in 3000 BC. Thus each charm signifies the story of the person who wears it.



Unique Gemstones

Rings, earrings, and bracelets will incorporate more exotic gemstones like amber, ammolite, emeralds and pearls. Gems provide a lot of color and personality to any piece of jewelry.






Enameling can be seen on Greek gold jewelry dating back to around the 4 century BC. Since then, it has been used throughout history by cultures all over the world. Because of its colorful and lustrous qualities, enamel will get a modern spin in 2017. Pure, bold colors like rich yellow gold and blue will be seen more.

“Enamel” is a decorative coating that is applied to any precious metal
It is made up of a glass paste-like substance that is adhered to a metal through fusion at very high temperatures. It starts out in a powder form. The powder looks similar to baby powder. You’d never know the vivid colors it creates by looking at the powder.



These are the 5new trends that you will see in 2017. There is no right or wrong way in selecting jewelry. Use these trend tips as a guide. Jewelry this year will be fun, colorful and quite artistic. Statement pieces are something you cannot go wrong with.


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  1. 2.25.17

    I love the ring you are wearing in the header pic! It’s so unique and beautiful. I love that nail polish color, too. I’m loving art deco pieces lately and rose gold is always a “go to” in my book! Beautiful pieces!

    • 4.21.17

      Thanks it is Alexis Bittar, one of my favorite NYC designers and as for the polish – purple is my go-to! So glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. 6.1.17

    All the jewelry pieces are beautiful. Very lovely and very feminine. Your store of knowledge never ceases to amaze me. A great read for me so far. Regards..!!

  3. 6.2.17

    Thank so much Syndie! So glad you enjoyed the piece and I thrilled that you appreciate my site! Happy reading- Sherita

  4. 10.12.21

    Wow! These are really amazing jewelry trends. Love them all. I’ll love to buy a few of them. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. 10.30.21