7 Items In Your Closet You Need to Get Rid of Now

7 Items to get rid of in your closet | BusyWIfeBusyLife.com

Is your closet full of clothes and yet somehow you never have anything to wear? You may not realize it, but some clothes in your closet shouldn’t be there. Over the years, we all accumulate clothing that we intend to wear again but never do. Wondering what items in your closet to get rid of? Well, if you have any of the following pieces in your closet, it’s time to bid them a final farewell!

Shoes That Make Your Feet Hurt

7 Items to get rid of in your closet | BusyWIfeBusyLife.com

Your favorite-colored heels were on sale, and you just had to have them. Unfortunately, you can’t wear them for more than an hour without being brought to tears. It’s time to get rid of super-high heels that hurt your feet, because pain isn’t practical. Wait! Don’t just throw them out; they likely look almost new. Sell them on Poshmark and make some money to buy shoes you can wear without grimacing.


Tacky Short Shorts

7 Items to get rid of in your closet | BusyWIfeBusyLife.com

If you bought them a decade ago—or even just a few years back—it’s time to get rid of that pair of short shorts in your closet that could cut off your circulation in the worst possible places. Daisy Dukes are great for Daisy herself, but might I suggest a more appropriate and chic fashion statement? Try some comfortable and cute styles that also cover your cheeks.

Sweaters That Have Seen Better Days

7 Items to get rid of in your closet | BusyWIfeBusyLife.com

Now that winter has come to an end, it’s time to put ratty old sweaters out of their misery. If they are stretched out or have more pills than a pharmacy, it’s time to get rid of them. Box them up and send them off to Goodwill so you are not tempted to wear them next winter.

Jeans That Are Too Low

7 Items to get rid of in your closet | BusyWIfeBusyLife.com

Stop being a plumber and showing everyone your crack! Most of us have a pair of low-cut jeans that simply sit too low on the waist. No belt can save these jeans, which is why it’s time to get rid of them. But don’t fret—you don’t have to replace too-low styles with “mom jeans.” Instead, get yourself some chic, mid-rise denim that is both fashionable and fits your body well.

Teeny Tiny Bikinis

7 Items to get rid of in your closet | BusyWIfeBusyLife.com

It’s time to retire those shoestrings you once called a swimsuit! There is no need to wear floss to the beach any longer; there are many stylish designs on the market to fit any style. From one-pieces with cutouts to bandeau tops with matching bottoms, you can show some skin and still be covered.

Free Tee-shirts

7 Items to get rid of in your closet | BusyWIfeBusyLife.com

Bag up all those free promotional tees that came as a gift with a purchase and get rid of them. They are not flattering, which is why you have never worn them in public, and you only need so many tee-shirts to wear around the house. Add them to the giveaway pile and get them out of your closet.

Workout Clothes That Don’t Inspire You To Work Out

Those old Nike track shorts from 1999 don’t scream, “I love to work out!” I’m not saying that you have to wear fancy activewear at the gym, but if your current selection isn’t inspiring you, then it’s time to find some pieces that do! When you look good, you feel good—and that may be the confidence and motivation you need to stick to your workout.

Are you guilty of holding on to things for too long?? If I have inspired you to clean out your closet, let me know in the comments what you will be getting rid of today!

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7 Things to get rid of in your closet

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  1. 5.30.18
    Anonymous said:

    Oh, man! But those shoes are so cute for the hour I can wear them! Seriously, thanks for the inspiration; I will be loading up the giveaway pile. I can already picture several pairs of shoes and jeans that will be tossed.

    • 5.30.18

      I know – we are all guilty of it but your feet do not like you the next day when you do! Glad I was able to inspire…Happy Closet Cleaning!

  2. 6.1.18

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