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African American businesswomen talking in meeting

How to Become Friends with Benefits with Your Bank

African American businesswomen talking in meeting Banking in our mobile-driven environment of apps, social shares, and likes, has lost its “human” touch. All of our services and experiences have become digital; even Face Time has taken on a whole new meaning. I remember when a trip to the bank meant friendly conversations with tellers who knew me by name and chats with bankers who got to know us as more than just a customer. As vital as technology has become in our lives, it’s still important to connect with people, especially those you trust your money with. There’s more to gain than just a free pen when you become friends with your local bank and its employees, and the benefits help you and your wallet too. I recently attended the opening of Capital One’s new flagship location in Union Square, NYC. What I thought would be just a fancy ribbon-cutting ceremony, turned out to be so much more.
Capital One Union Square Flagship
New Atms at Capital One Union Square
Capital One Union Square Flagship
Customer iPads in Location

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