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Tag: Debt free

Why are you Still Broke  e

7 Reasons Why You’re Still Broke

 Why are you Still Broke--These days it seems like the more money you make the more you spend. You work all week, make a enough money to pay your bills and still have some left over too, so why don't you have more money in the bank? The truth is financial freedom doesn't come easy. If you take a good look at your spending habits, it may become clear what is holding you back. See if one of these 7 reasons are contributing to why you are still broke.

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Spring financial e

Spring Financial Checklist

Spring financialSpring – just the mention of the word puts a slight smile on my face. Financial review - now those words can channel a dramatically different expression. Spring has always been a great time to clean out the old and start fresh after a long winter. This renewal should extend to your financial practices as well. It is the optimal time to review your finances to ensure you are on the right track for rest of the year. Here is my Spring Financial Checklist to help keep you smiling all season long. 

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