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Tag: Investing

How to Invest In Social Good

This post is sponsored by COIN. All opinions are my own. Market caps, ETF, and P/E ratios can make investing sound pretty complicated. If you are an advocate for social change and yet unfamiliar with the market, you may believe the common misconception that investing means sharing in an “evil” corporation’s growing profits. However, that's…

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How to Build A Smart Investment Strategy that Works for You

How build an investment strategy | Busywifebusylife.comThe decision to start investing is, by all means, a great one. But it only promises success if you take the time to determine which investment strategies will work best for you. Each approach is different depending on the person's goals, age, income and risk tolerance. If you are saving up for retirement vs. college tuition, for example, your strategy will look entirely different. There are different investments for short and long term results. Once you open your brokage account there in much to consider. Deciding on an investment strategy that works for you will be the key to financial success.

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6 Financial Steps to Take in Your 30’s

June is my birthday month, and I try to celebrate it all month long. Birthdays always make me reflect on the past year, but they also encourage me to think about the year ahead. Like many people, I try to set goals for myself professionally, make resolutions for personal growth, and pin locations on the map that I want to travel to. During the month, I also try to look at my financial status. Because my birthday falls mid-year, it is the optimal time to access my progress thus far. I feel that when you get past your 20’s, each year brings you closer to those milestones in life, like buying that dream home, making career strides and ultimately – retirement. Your 30’s are a time when you can make some serious financial progress to set yourself up for a prosperous future. Here are my financial steps to take in your 30's.

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The Beginner’s Guide – How to Start Investing Your Money

How to start investing I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to start investing in stocks as a teenager. That early start is what led me to pursue a degree in finance. When I began modeling at the age of 15, I quickly started thinking about the future, and I knew that my interest bearing savings account was not going to be the answer to my financial freedom. I often wondered,"How do I start Investing?" I overheard a conversation between my mom and her friend about investing in stocks and hearing them discuss double-digit returns had me very intrigued. That conversation cracked the door to the whole new world and connected me to a financial advisor that opened my first investment account. If you are looking to start investing, but are unsure of the path to take, my advice below may be the guide you are looking for. 

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