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5 Tips for Dressing Office Smart

Guest post from OF Mercer about stylish work wear.

Of Mercer

Dressing office smart means incorporating your personal style into your work wardrobe in a way that makes you feel confident and professional within the confines of your office dress code. But because what any given office finds acceptable in dress can drastically differ, doing so can be easier said than done. Whether your office's dress code is business formal, business casual, or somewhere in the middle, you should always follow a few basic principles when shopping for new work clothes or just getting dressed in the morning. Here are our top five rules of the road for office dressing, from head to toe:

No  Cleavage

Save those low blouses for date night! At the office, you should always remain professional. The neckline of your top should never be more than four inches below your collarbone, and if you have to ask, then it's too low-cut for work.

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Suit look

Of Mercer

Suit-Dressing for success has never been easier with Of Mercer, stylish work wear that will seamlessly take you from "desk to dinner". I was introduced to this brand at a Levo League event and I immediately knew I had to share these chic designs with my readers. Of Mercer was founded by two women, Dorie and Emelyn, who met the first week of Wharton Business School at a welcome event…wearing the exact same black dress. They created this brand to provide the modern woman with stylish, well-made, versatile work pieces that are reasonably priced, and I have to say that they succeeded! Shop their collection of impeccably tailored pieces, all offered for below $250.

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Sharita FourthOutfit

Boardroom Chic

Sherita Rankins It feels good to step out looking like the Boss! My skirt and blazer combo is not quite a suit, but the combination definitely looks like I could be sitting at the head of the Boardroom table. This Nanette Lapore "Scandal" Blazer is a mix of navy and black with leather accents. I love these Stuart Weizmann peep-toe black leather slingback heels which I found on sale a couple of seasons ago at Saks. I completed this look with a simple black pencil skirt and a statement necklace.

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pants and dress top

Neutral with a POP for Work

I don't work in a formal office environment, but I enjoy dressing for one from time to time. I find that a tailored pair of slacks and a buttoned-down silk blouse is a smart look for any workplace. Adding a pop of color when you are wearing neutrals will make your look more attractive. Throw on a stylish pair of pumps, and you are good to go. My leather jacket may be outerwear, but if you want to look your best, it should start from the moment you walk in the door.

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