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Stay Passionate

How to Savor the Small Things In Life & Make Everyday Meaningful

Contribution By: Kacey Mya Bradley from  The Drifter Collective
Stay PassionateFor several years, I walked through my life like a zombie. I moaned at the endless demands made of me and stumbled to the coffee pot every morning. I flinched at the rays of sunlight shining through the window instead of embracing the warmth and opportunity of a new day. Somewhere along the way, I had lost the passion of living life. Once I realized this change, I knew I had to find my way back. Now on certain days, I still stumble to the coffee pot, but I understand that it’s not about living life to the fullest. Instead, I try to appreciate what each day offers. I honor my life, by living it passionately. This is how I have learned to stay passionate throughout my life and make everyday meaningful.

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Six Traditional Yet Elegant Recipes Everyone Should Try

Contribution By: Kacey Mya Bradley from  The Drifter Collective6 Recipes You have to try

Do you describe yourself as a “foodie”? Do you have countless photos on your phone of meals and snacks? Is going out to eat and grocery shopping second only to rent in your monthly budget? If so, you aren’t alone. The popularity of shows like Iron Chef, Chopped, and Top Chef, as well as the explosion of food sharing on social media, has made our culture a very food centric one. In fact, there are over 178 million pictures tagged with “#food” on Instagram.

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winter home

How to Get Your Home Winter Ready

winter home What do deer mice, ground squirrels and skunks all have in common? Yes, they are among the long list of potential vermin who can invade your home, but there is a reason for that. They hibernate in the winter and this is why they might try to burrow their way into your attic or basement. They're just looking for a place to chill until it gets warmer. Of course, many of us take the same hibernating approach when it comes to winter. We'll hunker down with enough food and Netflix movies to keep us indoors for entire weekends! Spending more time in your home during the winter means you should find ways to make the most out of that living space. Investing the time and money to prepare your home for winter is a wise decision. Let's assume you'll always have Wi-Fi access, power and snacks in the fridge. What else can you do to make sure your home is ready for winter?

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How to Style Your Home Using Your Fashion Sense

Contribution By: Kacey Mya Bradley from  The Drifter Collective

How to Style your home based on your fashion senseDecorating your home is a lot like picking out your wardrobe. And just like a wardrobe, the best ones are full of staple pieces as well as some trendy items for updating your look. Your fashion sense is dictated by items that make you comfortable or inspire you. Don’t you want your home to be the same? Use your sense of personal style to give your home character. You want it to be clear that it’s yours, not something you ripped out of a magazine or off a showroom floor, right? But how do you do that? Here’s how to use your fashion sense to style your home:

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