Mother-Daughter Moments: Three Lessons My Mom Taught Me

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mother-daughter Nic and ZoeMy mother instilled a lot in me. As a teacher, I think it was in her nature to ensure I received the best education. Because I was an only child and a busybody, she also made sure I was enrolled in every extracurricular activity possible. Growing up she dreamed of my becoming a Supreme Court Judge. I only just missed the mark there. But my point is, I have always dreamed big, and my mom has supported every step I’ve taken.

Still, as a rebellious teenager or even a headstrong adult, “Mother knows best” is often the last thing you want to hear. My mom, like most, somehow always found a way to lend her expertise when she felt it was needed, because, like every mom, she only wants the best for her child. I can’t say I always listened to everything she told me, because some things we just have to find out for ourselves. When I did listen, however, her advice was usually spot-on.

Out of all the things she taught me, here are the lessons I will never forget:

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Three Life Lessons My Mom Taught Me

1. Find what you’re passionate about and make that your life’s work.

Because I took classes for ballet, jazz, tap, gymnastics, figure skating, tennis, singing, modeling, and acting, finding my passion was challenging, to say at least (#OverAchieverMuch?!). Growing up, I excelled at math, but after years in Corporate America, I knew working in finance was not for me either. My mom always told me that if you love what you do, it won’t feel like work—and she was right! She regretted not following her dreams and reaching beyond the social norms of her time. And she urged me to do what ultimately made me happy, which is why I pursued my entrepreneurial journey.

2. No matter what you do, always strive to do your best in your life.

My mom would always say that if you are going to do it, you should do it right. From making your bed in the morning to a completing a proposal at work, there is no reason to be purposefully mediocre. Some may call it being a perfectionist, but doing my very best is what I always strive for, thanks to my mom. This lesson has probably made me a bit “extra,” but my friends and colleagues certainly always appreciate the effort.

3. Ask for what you want; the worst thing someone can say is “no.”

This mantra is the most important lesson my mom ever taught me! I learned from her that if you want something, you must ask for it; you can’t just wait around for someone to give it to you. Knowing what you want and asking for it, takes determination and confidence. Those two qualities have gotten me to where I am today. I have never been scared to seek out precisely what I want, and honestly, the worst thing someone can say is “no.” My mom’s words have encouraged me to reach for the stars, and I will always be grateful to her for influencing my ambition.

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Mother Daughter Style

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My Favorite Look

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A special thanks to my mom, Ruth, for joining me for this content! Thanks for everything you have taught me to make me the woman I am today. I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for me. Thanks for being such a wonderful mom. I love you!
Stay fabulous,

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  1. 5.2.19
    Anonymous said:

    A lovely post Sherita, it really demonstrates your close bond, lovely to see you both and you look great together in every way… and of course, Mom does know best! ?

    • 5.2.19
      Anna Navarro said:

      Oops forgot to leave my name… I am not Miss Anonymous!

    • 5.6.19

      Thanks Anna! So glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks so much and I hope you have a fabulous Mother’s day too!

  2. 5.2.19
    Anna Navarro said:

    Oops forgot to leave my name… I am not Miss Anonymous!