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Tag: Career

Stop Trying to Keep Up

Why You Need to Stop Trying to “Keep Up”

Stop Trying to Keep UpIn today’s social media-driven society so many details of our personal lives are only a click away. Our primary form of communication or interactions with each other are through tweets, Instagram posts, and Facebook status updates. We are often just trying to "keep up" and find motivation from our number of followers and likes. Maybe without even noticing, we begin to put our lives on display as a status symbol. As a blogger, I understand this now more than ever. Showing off our red bottoms, newest designer bag, or our lavish evening out, has become the norm. To outdo our “frenemies,” we have begun to consume conspicuously, caring more about our standard of living concerning our peers than our well-being. At what point we stop trying to keep up and just start living for ourselves?

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small business alternative lenders

The Hidden Costs of Running A Small Business

I know as well as anyone how impactful the success of a small business can have on your personal finances. Now when I say business, I don’t mean a huge conglomerate that turns over billions each year. I must admit that would be nice, but it is not realistic. What I am talking about are the little independent businesses that one may run from home or local coffee shop, that supplements a primary income source. It is important to not only understand the hidden costs of running a small business, but to also make sure that you are budgeting for these unexpected expenses. Regardless of your circumstances, these expenditures will affect your business at some stage, so be sure to be prepared.

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job burn out

Is It Time for a Career Change? Practical Tips to Help You Decide Which Path to Take at This Crossroad

 Guest Post by: Sally Arnold, Career Coach and Founder of Creating Encores  

Career moves and career changes are inevitable. For many women, the career paths we envision and embark upon early in our career do not resemble the paths we are on now. The excitement, inspiration and sense of being valued can disappear. Instead we often find ourselves working in environments where we feel alone, undervalued and lonely. You know that something has to change, but does this mean you need to make a change to stay or do you make a change to go. This is the crossroad one must cross, and it can be a daunting process. Here are some steps to help you work through the decision.

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Office Workplace Interior Design with Amia Chair by IDEO

Why Knowing Your Worth At Work Is Critical

Guest Post by Certifed Career Coach - Jill Ozovek
All too often, we end up putting one foot in front of the other, trudging to our places of work each day, and suddenly it’s time for the ol’ annual review again. Where did the time go? If you’re like many people, you haven’t thought too much about your goals and development since your last review period, especially if you’re full speed ahead day in and day out at your job, and many companies do not have programs in place to foster this awareness of your career and development. So why is knowing your worth at work critical to your career?

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