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Tag: fall 2017

The Best of Fall Handbags at Every Affordable Price Point

The change of seasons usually brings an urge to shop. We crave all the latest styles from head to toe, so it goes without saying that fall is always the perfect time to update your handbag collection. The magazines and runways feature so many new styles and cute designs, but let's be honest - $2000 for a purse is not in the budget. Shop smart this season and check out my pick for the hottest affordable fall handbag that you can actually afford. 

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5 Surprising Trends Every IT Girl Will be Wearing This Fall

Fall Trends | BusyWifeBusyLife.comAfter a hot and humid summer, most of us look forward to Fall. Yes, the beach days may be behind us, but we can take solace in knowing those leather booties, cozy sweaters, and our favorite pair of jeans are waiting for us in the back of the closet. This Fall there are a few subtle trends, and quite a few bold ones I know the celebs won’t be able to resist. See what fall trends you want to rock and which are best left alone.

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