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Tag: Morrocanoil

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy|

How I Keep My Natural Hair Protected From Heat Damage

Moroccanoil's Hair protected from heat damageOne minute curly is trending then it's sleek and straight. Our hair gets its fair share of styles, not to mention how it changes color, sometimes every season. It's a wonder that our hair doesn't just give up on us. I find it harder and harder to keep it healthy with all I put it through. Great hair, just like anything else is something you have to work for. People always assume my hair is chemically straightened. Most are surprised when I tell them it's actually a blowout, and I did it myself. Yes, I have been styling my hair for over 8 years now. With my busy and ever-changing schedule, it was no longer feasible to get a standing salon appt. So, I did some research, invested in professional grade styling tools, and never looked back. I'm constantly asked how do I keep it healthy. The key is products that nourish and moisturize, while obviously protecting your hair from the damage that heat styling can cause.

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