7 Creative and Budget-Friendly Ways to Update Your Living Room

Who wouldn’t love to open the latest edition of ELLE DECOR™, find their dream living room among the pages, and order everything they see? Reality check: those gorgeously curated vignettes would probably set you back upwards of $10k to replicate, and I can’t speak for you, but that is definitely out of my current budget. However, you don’t have to spend a boatload to update your living room. I’ve put together some creative and budget-friendly ideas to transform your space with minimal effort and a lot of savings.

Paint an Accent Wall or the Whole Room

Paint your walls to update your decor

Nothing can transform your space like changing your wall color. Whether you go bold and select a dark hue or choose something a bit lighter to contrast the white, either way a fresh coat of paint instantly updates your decor. You can paint just one wall or the whole room, and if you want to really make this project pop, opt for adding a little texture to the wall with some molding accent designs.

Order a New Rug

New rug to update your space
Photo Credit: Instyle Mag

Just like with wall color, updating your floor covering is another eye-catching way to change up your living room. If your current living room includes a small area rug, consider choosing a larger size to cover the entire living space. Adversely, if your current floor covering is rather simple, think about adding some texture to your room with a shag or a thicker pile.

Swap Out Your Accent Pillows

chic throw pillows to update you decor

One of the most budget-friendly ways to update your living room decor is with some new throw pillows. Look beyond the standard 16″x16″ squares of matching sets and think outside the box. In addition to updating your colors, don’t be afraid to shop for interesting shapes and fabrics.


Hang New Artwork

Investing in art, some may say, is truly an adult decorating choice. If your walls are bare, then by all means, hang something on them to add a bit of self-expression to the room. Buying art isn’t necessarily a budget-friendly decorating choice, but if you shop smart, you can find something you love in your price range. You can also add a custom frame to the piece to match your decor. When adding art to your walls, remember to take into account the height of your ceiling and the size of the piece so you can hang it at a comfortable eye line in the room.

Add Greenery in Chic Vases

add plants to your decor

Add some literal life to your space by arranging plants in your living room. No need to make your space seem like a greenhouse; even adding a single plant in a corner of the room can instantly make a big difference. Put short plants on a stand so they can be seen, and place taller plants in the corner to draw your eyes upward. Plants are another reflection of your decor, so select pots that match your space and coordinate with each other.

Change the Color of Your Decor Pieces

purple accents in your living room
Photo Credit: Luxedeco.com

You don’t have to buy all new furniture to change up the room, but changing your accent color can make your living room seem brand new. I have always been partial to slate blue, so I’ve purchased many bowls, vases, and candle holders in that color. When I decided to update my decor, I wiped the slate clean of blue and started using purple instead. It felt like a different space, just with few adjustments. Keep in mind, I didn’t get rid of everything; I merely stored several items so I can use them later if I decide to change up a different space.

Rearrange Your Furniture

rearrange your furniture to update your decor

The only investment needed for this type of room update is some sweat equity. If you don’t want to spend any money to update your living room, just use what you have to create a new space. After a while, you get so used to looking at your room with the same setup, that the act of switching everything around can make a world of difference. So clear out the breakables, roll up your sleeves, and don’t forget to lift with your knees!

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