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Style Guides

Style Guides

Cozy Winter Looks to Keep You Warm & Stylish
Collage 01 Rainy and cold winter is not exactly everyone’s favorite, but there is something about being able to dress all warm and comfy that makes the season much more appealing. Hot chocolate, huge cups of warm tea and cinnamon apple pie all add to the magic of the fall. However, it’s all about staying both fashionable and warm in the midst of December that is really important. Another lovely thing about this season is the fact that you can dress up to be warm and stylish at the same time.
gray cream purple bedroom color scheme
How to Style Your Home Using Your Fashion Sense
Contribution By: Kacey Mya Bradley from  The Drifter Collective

How to Style your home based on your fashion senseDecorating your home is a lot like picking out your wardrobe. And just like a wardrobe, the best ones are full of staple pieces as well as some trendy items for updating your look. Your fashion sense is dictated by items that make you comfortable or inspire you. Don’t you want your home to be the same? Use your sense of personal style to give your home character. You want it to be clear that it’s yours, not something you ripped out of a magazine or off a showroom floor, right? But how do you do that? Here’s how to use your fashion sense to style your home:

Fall outerwear
Fall Outerwear Guide


Being stylish means looking your best the moment you walk in the door. Outerwear isn't just an article of clothing you throw on to shield yourself from the cold, it should be an expression of your personal style and an extension of your overall look. When shopping for outerwear this season go for pieces that compliment your existing wardrobe, yet are chic enough to make a statement of their own. Check out my fashionable picks for outerwear this season.

The Fall Handbags That You Need to Get Your Hands On
TEXTFall is hands down my favorite season. I cannot put my finger on it, but the elements of light outerwear, combined with the mix of leather, micro-suede, silk and denim have the makings of a perfect recipe for style. Which is why, when I shop for handbags for the season I get even more excited. Each Fall I try to add one bag to my collection that will not only be on trend, but will also last for a number of seasons to come. Here are the hot fall handbags that you will want to keep in your hands all season long.