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Tag: Pink

Fall Floral & Fabulous

 Fall is finally here, although it hasn't really felt like it lately. I am excited to experience my first fall in Los Angeles but didn't realize it would include temperatures well above 90. Luckily it will be cooling off just in time to enjoy some of the best fashions of the year. As designers try to find ways to stay fresh and new, a summer trend has made its way to fall's center stage. You got it - Floral is hot this season, and you will be seeing a lot of it.

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Summer Style Exhibition

  While scrolling through Instagram I saw a photo of what seemed to be endless rows of lampposts, and instantly I knew this would be the coolest backdrop for a shoot. I think I was right! This iconic installation is a permanent fixture at the entrance of LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and it's one of the many attractions to see on the widespread grounds surrounding it. For such a striking art display, I decided to make my own statement in the form of fashion. 

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