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Tag: Travel

Spotting a celebrity - Kendal Jenner

How To Easily Spot a Celebrity When in Los Angeles

So your publicist failed to get you an invite to the latest Hollywood red carpet event. No worries. Likely, the only thing you've missed is an opportunity to blow thousands of dollars on a dress you will never wear again. It's time for new representation anyway - LOL. The good news is your chances to spot a celebrity are anything but dead. 

There are many ways for the stars to align while in Tinsel Town, and you do not have to bribe your way into a reservation at the newest hot spot. You can, in fact, see some of the best attractions Los Angeles has to offer for free and increase your chances to take home a close encounter story of the celebrity varietal. 

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How to Make the Best Tuscan Food Right in Your Home

I'm very familiar with authentic Italian food, especially Tuscan cuisine, which is the some of the most humble food I've ever eaten in my life. My husband, the Tuscan chef, and I traveled the old country with our 2-year-old son last month and ate our way through Florence. Though it may seem out of your culinary league, it's very easy to recreate some of the best Tuscan food, right in your home.

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