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Apps I love
5 Apps I Love
Apps I loveI am not sure how many times I've heard, "there's an app for that", but it's true, there is an app for almost anything you can think of. From ordering takeout to ordering a manicure(at-home), you can use your mobile device to assist with all the tasks you need taken care of. With so many apps in the marketplace it may be hard to sift through them all, so here are just a few of my favorites that help keep my day running smoothly.
Spring financial e
Spring Financial Checklist
Spring financialSpring – just the mention of the word puts a slight smile on my face. Financial review - now those words can channel a dramatically different expression. Spring has always been a great time to clean out the old and start fresh after a long winter. This renewal should extend to your financial practices as well. It is the optimal time to review your finances to ensure you are on the right track for rest of the year. Here is my Spring Financial Checklist to help keep you smiling all season long. 
How to Have the Most Organized Your Kitchen
Guest post By: Organizational Specialist Rosemary Flannery
After being cooped up all winter, we are finally beginning to see some signs of Spring with ‘heat wave’ temperatures of 40-50 degrees F. It makes me want to open the windows and let out the cobwebs, but especially bring in the sun which I find so energizing. If you live in a sun-filled house like mine, the light can really enhance a space, but on the flip side, it can also spotlight areas that may be in need of a spruce up. When it comes to Spring cleaning, we think of changing color palettes and fabrics or clearing closets and storage spaces -- generally trading the cocoon feeling for an open, airy one.
I am a Mrs.
I’m a Mrs. – The Online Service For Changing Your Last Name
i'm a mrs   If you are recently married or planning to get married soon, listen up! I 'm about to save you a lot of time (you can thank me later)! I want to introduce you to this fantastic service that I found which helps you through the annoying process of changing your last name. I'm A Mrs. is an online resource that gives you all the information you need to leave your maiden name behind after you say "I Do."
A New Way to Save with Digit
My husband sent me a link to an article about Digit, a company that is changing the way you save money. When I read the article, I was immediately intrigued, so obviously, I tweeted them. CEO and Co-Founder, Ethan Bloch, to my surprise, tweeted me back! We were able to set up a time to chat, and he gave me the inside scoop on his new company. Digit is a free service that connects to your checking account, analyzing your spending and transferring small amounts of money into a savings account for you. This is perfect for anyone who needs to automate their savings, and it's an easy way to save money without any financial planning!