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Sherita’s Street Style

Sherita's Street Style

White Christmas
Since moving to Los Angeles, I find my style becoming more casual by the day. The stilettos in my closet are slowly collecting dust while I rock flats and cute kicks on a regular. This Christmas, I am turning in my high heeled booties and focusing on being cute and comfortable. This look from The Shoe Box is perfect for a warm-weather holiday, and it's my way to celebrate a White Christmas without the snow. 
Holiday Glam
No matter how stressful the holidays can be, I love getting dressed up to attend all the parties the season can bring. I love combining different fabrics and textures to create eye-catching looks. Since I keep my wardrobe very versatile, I typically stay away from holiday pieces that I can only wear once a year. While in NYC last week, I styled this look from The Shoe Box, and it is perfect for any sorieé you will have this holiday season! 
Fall Floral & Fabulous
 Fall is finally here, although it hasn't really felt like it lately. I am excited to experience my first fall in Los Angeles but didn't realize it would include temperatures well above 90. Luckily it will be cooling off just in time to enjoy some of the best fashions of the year. As designers try to find ways to stay fresh and new, a summer trend has made its way to fall's center stage. You got it - Floral is hot this season, and you will be seeing a lot of it.
Fall Transition
How To Make an Effortless Fall Style Transition
How To Make An Effortless Fall Style Transition | I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you haven't heard, summer is coming to an end. Days at the beach, picnics in the sun and dining al fresco will be soon be something we wait for in anticipation next year. Turn that frown upside down, remember your hair loathes that summer humidity anyway! Fall is the season to comfortably relax, light layer and not walk around like a hot sweaty mess. So, how do you make an effortless fall style transition and take your summer looks and make them fall worthy? Well, I've got you covered. See how I transition one of my late summer fav's to something chic and fall appropriate.
Off the Shoulder in Blanc|BusyWifeBusyLife
Off the Shoulder in Blanc
The trends this summer are quite clear. I have seen more shoulders over the past few months than ever before, and let's not get me started on the dramatic sleeves. But I have to be honest - I love them and I can't get enough. The only thing better than the #OTS (off the shoulder) trend is the blank canvas it leaves for your statement earrings. The combination of these three style elements makes for an eye-catching summer outfit. 
How to Navigating the Farmer's Market Like a Chef| Busy Wife Busy Life
How to Navigate the Farmer’s Market Like a Chef
How to Navigating the Farmer's Market Like a Chef| Busy Wife Busy Life Summertime and the local farmer's market go hand in hand. There is nothing like fruit, veggies and other tasty treats straight from the farm. I love spending the afternoon strolling through, chatting with the vendors and getting some serious culinary inspiration. In NYC you have to wait for certain days to enjoy the market. But here in LA, you will find neighborhood markets every day of the week. With so many choices it can be difficult to know what to buy and where to start. Here are my tips for navigating your local farmer's market.