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Tag: Los Angeles

Summer Style Exhibition

  While scrolling through Instagram I saw a photo of what seemed to be endless rows of lampposts, and instantly I knew this would be the coolest backdrop for a shoot. I think I was right! This iconic installation is a permanent fixture at the entrance of LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and it's one of the many attractions to see on the widespread grounds surrounding it. For such a striking art display, I decided to make my own statement in the form of fashion. 

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Star Power|

Star Power – My Journey From NYC to LA

Star Power | BusyWIfeBusyLife.comIt's official; this New Yorker is now living in Los Angeles. However, I still don't consider myself an "Angelino," mostly because it sounds like a title given one of Angelina Jolie's adopted children. Making the move from NYC to LA has been a wild journey, but I feel like the excitement has just begun. They say everyone in Los Angeles has a dream and it's no doubt that most come for the fame and fortune. I didn't decide to move from NYC to LA necessarily to become famous, but if the stars aline, hey - you never know.

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Spotting a celebrity - Kendal Jenner

How To Easily Spot a Celebrity When in Los Angeles

So your publicist failed to get you an invite to the latest Hollywood red carpet event. No worries. Likely, the only thing you've missed is an opportunity to blow thousands of dollars on a dress you will never wear again. It's time for new representation anyway - LOL. The good news is your chances to spot a celebrity are anything but dead. 

There are many ways for the stars to align while in Tinsel Town, and you do not have to bribe your way into a reservation at the newest hot spot. You can, in fact, see some of the best attractions Los Angeles has to offer for free and increase your chances to take home a close encounter story of the celebrity varietal. 

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Travel Like a baller on a budget

How to Travel like a Baller When You’re On a Budget

IMG_20160807_184805 Almost every year this New Yorker likes to get out of gritty NYC and do some California dreaming. I wouldn't consider myself a jet-setter, but I take around 4-5 trips each year with a big vacation in the mix. I'll be honest, I like to travel in style. From my flights, dining out, and most importantly the hotel, nothing sub-par will do. This LA trip was no exception and I enjoyed every minute of it. I've always looked forward to planning trips. I love finding delicious restaurants to try, shopping like a local and of course booking excellent accommodations. I don't have a fortune to spend when traveling. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use to save money without skipping out on the luxury.

4.5 Star Accommodations

IMG_20160813_200918 (1) Suite of InterCon Los Angeles My mom always said, "If you aren't staying somewhere that is at least as nice as where you live, then find a better hotel!" I have definitely taken this to heart. To escape the Florida heat, she packed a bag or three and joined me on my California trip. We decided to spend a few relaxing days at the InterContinental Century City, conveniently located blocks away from Beverly Hills.

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