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soy chicken
Soy Marinated Roast Chicken
soy chicken Roasting chicken can be a simple yet elegant dinner. Marinating the meat the night before will keep the chicken flavorful and juicy while cooking. My effortless and delicious Soy Marinated Roast Chicken recipe will become one of your dinner favorites. Planning out your meals can be difficult when life is so hectic, but it will save you a lot time in the long run. Prepare your marinate the night before and you will have dinner ready in a snap.
Breakfast Skillet
Lazy Woman’s Breakfast Skillet
lazy breakfast I look forward to waking up on the weekends to make brunch, some weekends more than others. When I feel less motivated to whip something magnificent up, I generally make a breakfast skillet. Luckily for me, it is my husband's favorite breakfast (other than burritos). They are so simple to make and a good way to save random food in your fridge from spoiling. Here is what I came up with this morning, but you can substitute the vegetables, type of meat, etc.