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Close up Pan Seared Tuna
Pan Seared Tuna Steak w/ Cilantro and Lime Vinaigrette
Close up Pan Seared Tuna Tuna steak is one of those proteins, in my opinion, that needs bold added flavors to make it delicious. This recipe is packed with Mexican and Asian inspired elements that will leave your taste buds wanting more. The combination of cilantro, soy, ginger, jalapeno and lime is the perfect balance to the lean flesh of the tuna. The ingredients excite the dish by adding classic elements of sweet, salt, tang and spice. Pan seared tuna is finished in 2 minutes flat, enjoy as an appetizer served with crispy wontons brushed with sesame oil or as a  plated an entree.
Ceviche time e
Mexican Style Ceviche
its Ceviche Time Ceviche (pronounced say-v- chay) could be, in my opinion, one of the most delicious ways to enjoy fish! This dish is typically made by curing or cooking the fish in just the juice from citrus fruit, like limes or lemons. This simple preparation allows for a plethora of flavor combinations to suit your taste. Since I am a huge fan of Mexican food, I went south of the border for this colorful appetizer. My mix of avocado, cilantro, tomato, jalapeno and corn made this ceviche a yummy Mexican treat.
Shrimp Grits Plated e
Irresistible Shrimp and Grits

Shrimp & Grits Close upA classic Southern dish that you can enjoy for brunch or dinner, Shrimp and Grits is super simple to make and packs a lot of delicious flavors. As the saying goes, "Bacon makes everything better"—and in this recipe, you use bacon drippings to cook the shrimp! Parsley, garlic, jalapeño, and lemon brighten up the entire dish.

Grilled Lobster with Shrimp & Corn Salad
Grilled Lobster with Shrimp & Corn It's summertime which means it's also lobster season! For me, this dish is the ultimate feast! If you love lobster as much as I do, then this will definitely be a treat. Grilled lobster is the perfect meal to impress at your next dinner party, but this dish is also simple enough to serve any night of the week. For this recipe I par boiled the lobster and finished it on the grill along with the shrimp and corn to create a delicious salad that compliments the meal.
Raw Dorade Fillets
How to Achieve Crispy Fish Skin
Raw Dorade Fillets There is something spectacular about picking up your fork to dive into that perfectly cooked piece of fish and discovering it also has an amazing crispy skin. I am often asked how to master this seemingly advanced culinary task - I have to be honest, it is not as difficult it looks! Here is my guide for a truly crispy fish skin.
Salt and Pepper shrimp Plated
Salt & Pepper Shrimp and Calamari
Salt and pepper shrimp and calmari Salt and pepper shrimp (or) calamari is a dish I frequently order when at Chinese restaurants, but have never thought to make it at home. It is the perfect appetizer or can be served as a main course. I love that the shrimp has a crispy texture even without being heavily battered. The garlic and scallions add a lot of flavor without being overpowering. I typically like things spicy, but with this dish the jalapeno is just the right amount of heat. You can make this recipe with the mixed seafood or just choose your favorite, the preparation is simple and easy.
Delicious Shrimp Scampi Pasta
Lemon Shrimp Scampi Pasta
There is nothing like an elegant homemade dish that is quick to prepare for yourself or the whole family. Lemon Shrimp Scampi Pasta is a twist on a classic seafood dish that will leave you wanting more. The most important element to this pasta is the tender and juicy shrimp. The lemon juice adds a brightness to the…
Pan Seared Salmon with Lemon, Dill & Capers
  Salmon with Lemon, Capers and Dill One thing I have learned from my husband is the best salmon comes from Alaska. He has told me numerous stories about his days as a commercial salmon fisherman and his dip netting experiences back in Anchorage. Getting fresh Alaskan Salmon in the lower 48 does come at cost, but I think it is worth it. I found this beautiful piece of fish at Whole Foods and I was very excited to pair it with some fresh dill, lemon and capers.