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Air Fryer Lasagna Empanadas
Mixing cuisines from different regions to create something delicious, is amazing when done right, and my lasagna empanadas are the perfect way to combine a Latin favorite with an Italian staple. I recently took this recipe for another spin and decided to prepare it in my Ninja Foodi Grill with an air fryer function. This…
Josh Capon's Tuna tartare tacos
Tuna Tartare Tacos Like a Professional Chef
tuna-tartare-tacosIf you love sushi and Mexican food, you're in for a treat today! Tuna Tartare Tacos are an instant hit with nearly every crowd. I used to think that these tasty treats could be enjoyed only at fancy cocktail parties. But then I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Josh Capon, owner of my favorite NYC seafood spot, Lure Fish Bar, and he totally changed my mind. Chef Capon shared his delicious recipe for these yummy tacos that you can easily replicate in your kitchen.
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Raw Food Treat: Sun Dried Tomato, Almond and Date Bites
Tomato, Date and Almond Bites Looking for a healthy snack that also packs in the flavor? What it if told you it was gluten free and raw diet friendly too? This tasty recipe of sun dried tomatoes, almonds and dates is exactly what you have been looking for! This snack is a great choice when you crave something salty and spicy, and it is perfect for any occasion or time of the year. Besides satisfying yourself, you will also impress your guests, so why not give it a go!
Mussels & Spicy Turkey Sausage with Garlic Butter Sauce
musselsWhether you love or hate mussels, it's hard to resist spicy sausage in a finger licking white wine and garlic butter sauce! Mussels are a seafood that I actually grew to enjoy. The chewy texture wasn't initially appealing to me, until I realized I'd only been presented with overcooked  versions of this tasty underwater treat . When cooked properly, these little morsels of seafood goodness are perfect as an appetizer or can be deliciously tossed with your favorite seafood pasta. I added turkey sausage to this dish to make it more filling, and the flavors of fennel and spice gave it the extra kick I craved. The broth of a mussel dish can be the best part, so don't forget a loaf of crusty bread to soak it all up when serving. 
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Mexican Style Ceviche
its Ceviche Time Ceviche (pronounced say-v- chay) could be, in my opinion, one of the most delicious ways to enjoy fish! This dish is typically made by curing or cooking the fish in just the juice from citrus fruit, like limes or lemons. This simple preparation allows for a plethora of flavor combinations to suit your taste. Since I am a huge fan of Mexican food, I went south of the border for this colorful appetizer. My mix of avocado, cilantro, tomato, jalapeno and corn made this ceviche a yummy Mexican treat.