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How to Make Your 4th of July BBQ a Sparkling Success
How to Make Your 4th of July BBQ a Sparkling Success| The 4th of July is the biggest BBQ day of the year! I always look forward to chowing down on some finger-lickin'-good ribs, sporting red, white, and blue, and catching up with family and friends. This year, why not upgrade your spread and serve a few things that will impress as much as the firework display? For this 4th of July BBQ, it's "Rosé ALL Day," and in this post, I have a recipe for a sparkling rosé punch with strawberry and lime that your guests will love, and a zucchini and onion gratin that will put your other boring side dishes to shame. These simple recipes will become your new summertime favorites. 
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Raw Food Treat: Sun Dried Tomato, Almond and Date Bites
Tomato, Date and Almond Bites Looking for a healthy snack that also packs in the flavor? What it if told you it was gluten free and raw diet friendly too? This tasty recipe of sun dried tomatoes, almonds and dates is exactly what you have been looking for! This snack is a great choice when you crave something salty and spicy, and it is perfect for any occasion or time of the year. Besides satisfying yourself, you will also impress your guests, so why not give it a go!
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Spinach and Ricotta Rotolo
Delicious Spinach RotolaIf you closed your eyes and took a bite of this pasta, you would feel like you had been transported to Italy. Spinach and Ricotta Rotolo is a delicious dish that can be enjoyed as an appetizer or a main course. This vegetarian culinary treat was prepared in my kitchen by friend and Chef, Frans Muller. The recipe features an amazing homemade tomato sauce that you can use for endless Italian dishes. Trust me - even though this dish is chef inspired, it doesn't mean it isn't simple enough to serve in your own home!
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Grilled Horseradish Potato Salad
I have never been a fan of traditional potato salad with heavy mayo and lackluster flavor. That is why I love this recipe from Stop and Shop. In their Healthy Ideas video, I am mixing things up by adding a new twist with this Grilled Potato Salad. It combines tangy vinaigrette with grilled potatoes. You can grill your potatoes on your indoor grill or outside with the rest of the BBQ. This recipe is great for the summer, but it can be enjoyed all year long. 
Chicken Cobb Salad Pretty
Chicken Cobb Salad with Green Goddess Dressing
Chicken Cobb Salad PrettyI am a salad fanatic, not because they are healthy, but because they can pack a lot of flavor and texture into one bite. This cannot be more true than with my Chicken Cobb Salad and Green Goddess Dressing. I have combined the smooth avocado texture with crispy pancetta and even took it one step further by crisping my chicken skin to add even more flavor. This recipe includes a herb packed homemade Green Goddess dressing with a tangy finish to add that extra kick this salad needs.