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Tag: grilling

Roasted Ginger Salmon with Grilled Corn and Watercress Salad|Busywifebusylife

Ginger Roasted Salmon with Grilled Corn and Watercress Salad

Ginger Roasted Salmon | BusyWifeBusyLifeSometimes you come across a recipe that you just know will blow you away, this is it! I often pursue through the major publications to seek out new dishes to try. I read some and think, why would anyone make this, but, when I saw this recipe on Food&, my mouth instantly began to water and so I started my shopping list. Fresh salmon is such a treat to have in the summer and I am constantly looking for new ways to enjoy this delicious fish. This simple recipe combines pickled ginger with salmon and a balsamic reduction. I served my ginger roasted salmon with a grilled corn and watercress salad, making this meal the ultimate summer delight.

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