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Tag: Healthy

How to Navigating the Farmer's Market Like a Chef| Busy Wife Busy Life

How to Navigate the Farmer’s Market Like a Chef

How to Navigating the Farmer's Market Like a Chef| Busy Wife Busy Life Summertime and the local farmer's market go hand in hand. There is nothing like fruit, veggies and other tasty treats straight from the farm. I love spending the afternoon strolling through, chatting with the vendors and getting some serious culinary inspiration. In NYC you have to wait for certain days to enjoy the market. But here in LA, you will find neighborhood markets every day of the week. With so many choices it can be difficult to know what to buy and where to start. Here are my tips for navigating your local farmer's market. 

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How to Be  e

How to Be More Productive & Healthy at Work

How to Be (2)Crossing every task off your To-Do list each day is almost impossible. We all have "off days" where we aren’t as productive as we’d like to be. When we aren’t firing on all cylinders we tend to reach for caffeine to help us get through the day. I know it’s difficult to start my day without my cup of coffee, but there are alternative methods and practices to encourage productivity and help foster the healthy lifestyle we strive for. Here are my health and wellness tips for promote a kick ass day at work!

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Modern table pasta

Walnut Basil Pesto Pasta with Modern Table Meals

Modern TableFinding healthy ways to make Italian food can be challenging. With all the carbs, cheese and heavy meat sauces you may find yourself feeling guilty after a meal. I recently swapped out my regular pasta and tried Modern Table Meals. This brand of healthy pastas are a delicious alternative to the traditional Italian variety. Made with bean and lentils, these pastas have 14g of protein and 5g of fiber without compromising any flavor. The pastas are also gluten, dairy, and soy free. They’re non-GMO Project verified and made without artificial colors or preservatives. Using 2 of their varieties, I made a yummy Turkey Sausage Marinara Penne and a Walnut Basil & Parsley Rotini. See Recipe for these tasty sauces below!

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young woman marked up face

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Plastic Surgery?

Woman with plastic surgery lines drawn on facePlastic surgery no longer has the stigma that it once had. More and more people are seriously considering it now of days. We all have insecurities about the way we look and it is hard to be 100% happy with our bodies. Whether big or small, there’s always going to be something we look at and wish was better. However, that doesn’t mean we should automatically go and get surgery! Plastic surgery carries risks, and there are lots to consider before going under the knife, because at the end of the day, you don’t want to start looking like a cartoon character version of yourself. Think long and hard and consider these points to help you decide whether plastic surgery is in fact the right path for you to take.

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food for healthy skin

How to Eat Your Way to Clear Skin with These 5 Foods

Eat your way to clear skin The food that we eat certainly affects the condition of our skin. What if I told you that you can eat your way to clear skin and a healthy complexion? Of course, you cannot deprive yourself of all your favorite meals, but you need to be aware of the fact that food has a real impact on your skin. Possessing clean and glowing skin is the dream of many women. In the search for the best cosmetic products, we are ready to experiment and follow the latest skin clearing systems that are offered on the market. However, at the end of the day, expensive makeup and cosmetic products do not have all the answers. By sticking to the right diet, you can help make your skin look fantastic and revived in an easy and cost-effective way. Try these five foods to make your skin appear glowing and sparkling.

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