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Tag: New York

White Christmas

Since moving to Los Angeles, I find my style becoming more casual by the day. The stilettos in my closet are slowly collecting dust while I rock flats and cute kicks on a regular. This Christmas, I am turning in my high heeled booties and focusing on being cute and comfortable. This look from The Shoe Box is perfect for a warm-weather holiday, and it's my way to celebrate a White Christmas without the snow. 

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5 Destinations You Need to Add to Your Bucket List

5 Destinations You Need to Add to Your Travel Bucket List | BusyWifeBusyLifeThere is nothing like devoting all your spare time to traveling the world. Exploring the globe with a map at hand and maybe even your best friend right by your side. Experiencing the cultures of the world and imbuing yourself with a lifelong passion and a thirst for life is the ultimate pleasure. Now is the perfect time to forget about the strife of everyday life and reinvent yourself as a free spirit. Additionally, Self-actualization, inner peace, and lifelong positivity require a drastic change of scenery, so here are my top five places in the world you need to add to the travel bucket list that you will never forget.

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The Ultimate Guide of Things to Do in the Financial District NYC

The Financial District NYC| Sherita Rankins NYSE

The general rule is, after 10 years in the city, you are officially considered a New Yorker. Personally, I considered myself one way before that time frame (and still do even though I no longer live there). I know it may sound silly, but when I moved to the Financial District of NYC, the city and I had an instant bond. There is so much to love about New York, not counting the rats, the smells, and the cost. But honestly, everything else is fantastic!

I spent nine of my 11 years in the city that never sleeps living in the Financial District, or Fidi, as it's called these days. I was a resident of this neighborhood when not many wanted to be. Fast forward nine years, it's now one of NYC's most desirable areas. If you are planning a trip to the Big Apple, you have to spend at least a day in my old stomping grounds. Here are my recommendations for things you don't want to miss in the Financial District NYC.

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Vintry NYC & the Rosé Cobbler

Rose Cobbler It's June, my favorite month of the year! The weather is perfect, fresh produce has never looked better, and it's my Birthday month. There are a lot of ways to enjoy this glorious month, and I like to unwind at Vintry, my favorite New York City cocktail barFor the month of June, Vintry is featuring a summertime favorite - Rosé. They have designed a delicious cocktail, the Rosé Cobbler (recipe below) and have paired it with a couple of dishes from their tasty small plates menu. Vintry - located on Stone St. in the heart of the Financial District, will be donating $1 from each Rosé Cobbler to my favorite charity, the Alzheimer's Association

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