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Tag: Outerwear

How to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe to Spring

ow to Transition your wardrobeIt's March - which means Springtime! If you are like me, then I know you are ready to leave your bulky sweaters behind and move your wardrobe forward. The only problem is that it's only 45 degrees outside in New York and you can't even think about wearing all the warm weather clothing featured in the stores. So how do you embrace Spring when it still feels like winter? Here are my tips to transition your wardrobe for spring so you can stay super stylish in-between seasons.

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Fall Outerwear Guide


Being stylish means looking your best the moment you walk in the door. Outerwear isn't just an article of clothing you throw on to shield yourself from the cold, it should be an expression of your personal style and an extension of your overall look. When shopping for outerwear this season go for pieces that compliment your existing wardrobe, yet are chic enough to make a statement of their own. Check out my fashionable picks for outerwear this season.

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