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Fall Transition

How To Make an Effortless Fall Style Transition

How To Make An Effortless Fall Style Transition | I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you haven't heard, summer is coming to an end. Days at the beach, picnics in the sun and dining al fresco will be soon be something we wait for in anticipation next year. Turn that frown upside down, remember your hair loathes that summer humidity anyway! Fall is the season to comfortably relax, light layer and not walk around like a hot sweaty mess. So, how do you make an effortless fall style transition and take your summer looks and make them fall worthy? Well, I've got you covered. See how I transition one of my late summer fav's to something chic and fall appropriate.

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Pretty Woman

Dvf Kelley Encore Printed Dress Everyone has that movie they can watch over and over again without blinking an eye. For me, that is definitely "Pretty Woman"! I can confidently say that I know every iconic line, scene and wardrobe change from this classic rom-com. My fall look was an ode to Julia's famous outfit from the opening scene, but in a classy way, of course.

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