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Sparkling Rose Punch
Refreshing and Delicious Sparkling Rosé Punch
Sparkling Rose PunchSparkling Rose Punch | Busy Wife Busy LifeAs much as I love fancy cocktails, if I'm being honest then I have to say, making them is the worst. There's too much measuring and too many special ingredients that I would never buy, I happily leave that skill to the mixologist at my favorite bar. So, when I am at home entertaining with friends, I like to keep it simple and easy. That is why I love this cocktail recipe, it's uncomplicated, yet still elegant and delicious. My Sparkling Rosé punch is the perfect drink to enjoy all summer long.
Roasted Ginger Salmon with Grilled Corn and Watercress Salad|Busywifebusylife
Ginger Roasted Salmon with Grilled Corn and Watercress Salad
Ginger Roasted Salmon | BusyWifeBusyLifeSometimes you come across a recipe that you just know will blow you away, this is it! I often pursue through the major publications to seek out new dishes to try. I read some and think, why would anyone make this, but, when I saw this recipe on Food&, my mouth instantly began to water and so I started my shopping list. Fresh salmon is such a treat to have in the summer and I am constantly looking for new ways to enjoy this delicious fish. This simple recipe combines pickled ginger with salmon and a balsamic reduction. I served my ginger roasted salmon with a grilled corn and watercress salad, making this meal the ultimate summer delight.
How to Navigating the Farmer's Market Like a Chef| Busy Wife Busy Life
How to Navigate the Farmer’s Market Like a Chef
How to Navigating the Farmer's Market Like a Chef| Busy Wife Busy Life Summertime and the local farmer's market go hand in hand. There is nothing like fruit, veggies and other tasty treats straight from the farm. I love spending the afternoon strolling through, chatting with the vendors and getting some serious culinary inspiration. In NYC you have to wait for certain days to enjoy the market. But here in LA, you will find neighborhood markets every day of the week. With so many choices it can be difficult to know what to buy and where to start. Here are my tips for navigating your local farmer's market. 
Financial District Skyline
The Ultimate Guide of Things to Do in the Financial District NYC

The Financial District NYC| Sherita Rankins NYSE

The general rule is, after 10 years in the city, you are officially considered a New Yorker. Personally, I considered myself one way before that time frame (and still do even though I no longer live there). I know it may sound silly, but when I moved to the Financial District of NYC, the city and I had an instant bond. There is so much to love about New York, not counting the rats, the smells, and the cost. But honestly, everything else is fantastic!

I spent nine of my 11 years in the city that never sleeps living in the Financial District, or Fidi, as it's called these days. I was a resident of this neighborhood when not many wanted to be. Fast forward nine years, it's now one of NYC's most desirable areas. If you are planning a trip to the Big Apple, you have to spend at least a day in my old stomping grounds. Here are my recommendations for things you don't want to miss in the Financial District NYC.

salmon salad wrap | BusyWifeBusyLife
Delicious Salmon Salad Wrap with Capers and Lemon
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My new life in California is so different than my routine in New York. Since my recent move to LA LA Land, I have enjoyed taking advantage of the warm weather, radiant sunshine, sandy beaches, and the unfortunate traffic. Driving from place to place, instead of walking has seriously cut into my once active lifestyle. As a result, my step counter has been pinging me non-stop to exercise more. So I had to do something about it.
Pan Seared Alaskan Salmon with Lemon, Dill & Capers
One of the first things I learned from my husband is that the best salmon comes from Alaska. I've listened to numerous stories about of his days as a commercial salmon fisherman and dipnetting experiences back in Anchorage. Getting fresh Alaskan Salmon in the "lower 48" does come at a cost, but it is totally worth it. I found this beautiful piece of fish at Whole Foods to make pan seared Alaskan salmon with fresh dill, lemon, and capers. 
Spring time
6 Trends You Need to Embrace this Spring

Spring timeThere may be no change more welcomed than the change from winter to spring. Say bye bye to freezing temps, snow and early-onset darkness and hello to sun, flowers and warm, breezy weather. Unlike Mother Nature, things in your life like your clothes, home, and food, don't automatically change with the season. Instead, it's up to you to transition from winter to spring. To make this easier, we’ve gathered some of the top trends for spring 2017. Adopt as many as you like until you feel as fresh as the world around you.